Before Operating the Telephone
Included Accessory
AC adaptor: 1
[Part No.] PNLV226
Charger: 1 Battery*1: 2 Battery Cover*2: 1
[Part No.] PNWETCA185M
Belt Clip: 1 Belt Clip Holder: 1
[Part No.] PNKE1118Z1 [Part No.] PSKE1040Z4
*1 Rechargeable AAA Ni-MH 1.2 V, 700 mAh batteries
*2 The battery cover comes attached to the handset.
RTo order accessories, call toll-free 1-800-332-5368. (For users in the United States only)
RPart numbers are indicated in brackets for each accessory.
Before Operating the Telephone
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