5.4 Download Master
Download Master is a utility that helps you download les even
while your laptops or other devices are switched o.
NOTE: You need a USB device connected to the wireless router to use
Download Master.
To use Download Master:
1. Click General > USB application > Download Master to
download and install the utility automatically.
NOTE: If you have more than one USB drive, select the USB device you
want to download the les to.
2. After the download process is nished, click the Download
Master icon to start using the utility.
3. Click Add to add a download task.
4. Select a download type such as BitTorrent, HTTP, or FTP. Provide
a torrent le or a URL to begin downloading.
NOTE: For details on Bit Torrent, refer to section 5.4.1 Conguring the
Bit Torrent download settings.
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