• Useonlytheadapterthatcamewithyourpackage.Usingother
adapters may damage the device.
• Specications:
DC Power adapter DC Output: +12V with max 1.5A current;
Temperature 0~40oCStorage 0~70oC
Operating Humidity 50~90% Storage 20~90%
7Power button
Press this button to power on or off the stystem.
8Power (DC-IN) port
Insert the bundled AC adapter into this port and connect your router to a power source.
9USB port
Insert a USB device such as USB hard disk or USB flash drive into the port.
Insert your iPad’s USB cable into the port to charge your iPad.
10 WPS button
This button launches the WPS Wizard.
11 WAN (Internet) port
Connect a network cable into this port to establish WAN connection.
12 LAN 1 ~ 4 ports
Connect network cables into these ports to establish LAN connection.
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