• HYBRID: Enables the Wireless Bridge feature and allows
other wireless devices/stations to connect to the router.
NOTE: In Hybrid mode, wireless devices connected to the ASUS wireless
router will only receive half the connection speed of the Access Point.
4. In the Connect to APs in list eld, click Yes if you want to
connect to an Access Point listed in the Remote AP List.
5. In the Control Channel eld, select the operating channel
for the wireless bridge. Select Auto to allow the router to
automatically select the channel with the least amount of
NOTE: Channel availability varies per country or region.
6. On the Remote AP List, key in a MAC address and click the Add
button to enter the MAC address of other available Access
NOTE: Any Access Point added to the list should be on the same Control
Channel as the ASUS wireless router.
7. Click Apply.
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