To set up 3G/4G internet access:
1. From the navigation panel, click General > USB application >
2. In the Enable USB Modem eld, select Ye s.
3. Set up the following:
• Location: Select your 3G/4G service provider’s location from
the dropdown list.
ISP: Select your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from the
dropdown list.
APN (Access Point Name) service (optional): Contact your
3G/4G service provider for detailed information.
Dial Number and PIN code: The 3G/4G provider’s access
number and PIN code for connection.
NOTE: PIN code may vary from dierent providers.
Username / Password: The username and password will be
provided by the 3G/4G network carrier.
USB Adapter: Choose your USB 3G / 4G adapter from the
dropdown list. If you are not sure of your USB adapter’s
model or the model is not listed in the options, select Auto.
4. Click Apply.
NOTE: The router will reboot for the settings to take eect.
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