To use FTP Share service:
NOTES: Ensure that you have set up your FTP server through
AiDisk. For more details, refer to the section 3.5.1 Using AiDisk.
1. From the navigation panel, click General > USB application >
Servers Center > FTP Share tab.
2. From the list of folders, select the type of access rights that you
want to assign for specic folders:
• R/W: Select to assign read/write access for a specic folder.
• W: Select to assign write only access for a specic folder.
• R: Select to assign read only access for a specic folder.
• No: Select this option if you do not want to share a specic
3. Click Apply to conrm the changes.
4. To access the FTP server, key in the ftp link
ftp://<hostname>.asuscomm.com and your user name and
password on a web browser or a third-party FTP utility.
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