• IfthereisstillnoInternetaccess,trytorebootyourcomputer
and verify the network’s IP address and gateway address.
• CheckthestatusindicatorsontheADSLmodemandthe
wireless router. If the WAN LED on the wireless router is not ON,
check if all cables are plugged properly.
You forgot the SSID (network name) or network password
• SetupanewSSIDandencryptionkeyviaawiredconnection
(Ethernet cable). Launch the web GUI, go to Network Map,
click the router icon, enter a new SSID and encryption key, and
then click Apply.
• Resetyourroutertothedefaultsettings.LaunchthewebGUI,
go to Administration > Restore/Save/Upload Setting, and
click Restore. The default login account and password are both
How to restore the system to its default settings?
• GotoAdministration > Restore/Save/Upload Setting, and
click Restore.
The following are the factory default settings:
User Name: admin
Password: admin
Enable DHCP: Yes (if WAN cable is plugged in)
IP address:
Domain Name: (Blank)
Subnet Mask:
DNS Server 1:
DNS Server 2: (Blank)
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