3. I have registered a domain name before and it has been
working well until my friends told me that they could not
access my domain name.
Check the following:
1. Internet connection is available.
2. The DNS server is working properly.
3. The last time you updated the domain name.
If there are still problems in accessing your domain name,
contact the service center.
4. Can I register two domain names so I can access my HTTP
and FTP servers separately?
No, you cannot. You can only register one domain name for one
router. You can use port mapping to implement both services
and make them available from outside your local network.
5. After restarting the router, why is it that I see a different
WAN IP address in MS-DOS and in the router configuration
This is normal. The interval time between the ISP DNS server
and ASUS DDNS results in different WAN IPs in MS-DOS and in
the router configuration page. Different ISPs may have different
interval times for updating IP addresses.
6. Is the ASUS DDNS service free, or is it just a trial version?
The ASUS DDNS service is a free and embedded service in
some ASUS routers. Check your ASUS router if it supports the
ASUS DDNS service.
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