Configuring Advanced settings
Setting up the DHCP Server
Your wireless router uses DHCP to assign IP addresses
automatically on your network. You can specify the IP address
range and lease time for the clients on your network.
To configure the DHCP server:
1. Click LAN on the left navigation panel.
2. Click the DHCP Server tab.
3. In the Enable the DHCP Server? field, tick Yes.
4. In the IP Pool Starting Address field, key in the starting IP
5. In the IP Pool Ending Address field, key in the ending IP
6. In the Lease Time field, specify in seconds when an assigned
IP address will expire. Once it reaches this time limit, the DHCP
server will then assign a new IP address.
ASUS recommeds that you use an IP address format of
192.168.1.xxx (where xxx can be any number between 2 and
254) when specifying an IP address range.
An IP Pool Starting Address should not be greater than the IP
Pool Ending Address.
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