Glass Tray
1. DO NOT operate the oven without the Roller Ring and the Glass Tray in
2. DO NOT operate the oven without the Glass Tray fully engaged on the drive
hub. Improper cooking or damage to the oven could result. Verify that the
Glass Tray is properly engaged and rotating by observing its rotation when
you press Start. Note: The Glass Tray can turn in either direction.
3. Use only the Glass Tray specifically designed for this oven. DO NOT substi-
tute any other glass tray.
4. If the Glass Tray is hot, allow to cool before cleaning or placing in water.
5. DO NOT cook directly on the Glass Tray. Always place food in a microwave
safe dish, or on a rack set in a microwave safe dish.
6. If food or utensil on the Glass Tray touches oven walls, causing the tray to
stop moving, the tray will automatically rotate in the opposite direction.
Roller Ring
1. The Roller Ring and oven floor should be cleaned frequently to prevent
excessive noise.
2. Always replace the Roller Ring and the Glass Tray in their proper positions.
3. The Roller Ring must always be used for cooking along with the Glass Tray.
Examine Your Oven
Unpack oven, remove all packing material and examine the oven for any dam-
age such as dents, broken door latches or cracks in the door. Notify dealer
immediately if oven is damaged. DO NOT install if oven is damaged.
Placement of Oven
1. The oven must be placed on a flat, stable surface. Place the front surface of
the door three inches or more from the counter top edge to avoid accidental
tipping of the microwave oven during normal use. For proper operation, the
oven must have sufficient air flow. Allow 3-inches (7.6 cm) of space on both
sides of the oven and 1-inch (2.5 cm) of space on top of the oven.
(a) DO NOT block air vents. If they are blocked during operation, the oven
may be overheated and damaged.
(b) DO NOT place oven near a hot, damp surface such as a gas or electric
range, or dishwasher.
(c) DO NOT operate oven when room humidity is excessive.
2. This oven is manufactured for household use only. It is not approved or tested
for mobile vehicle, marine, or commericial use.
1. DO NOT block air vents. If they are blocked during operation, the oven may
overheat. If the oven overheats, a thermal safety device will turn the oven off.
The oven will remain inoperable until it has cooled.
2. If the oven is designed for installation into a wall cabinet by using the proper
trim kit available from a local Panasonic dealer, follow all instructions packed
with the kit.
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