These things are normal:
The oven causes Some radio and TV interference might occur when you cook
interference with with the microwave oven. This interference is similar to the
my TV. interference caused by small appliances such as mixers,
vacuums, blow dryers, etc. It does not indicate a problem with
your oven.
Steam accumulates During cooking, steam and warm air are given off from the
on the oven door and food. Most of the steam and warm air are removed from the
warm air comes from oven by the air which circulates in the oven cavity. However,
the oven vents. some steam will condense on cooler surfaces such as the
oven door. This is normal. After use, the oven should be
wiped dry (see page 24).
The oven is not plugged in Remove plug from outlet, wait
securely. 10 seconds and re-insert.
Main circuit breaker or main Reset main circuit breaker or
fuse is tripped or blown. replace main fuse.
There is a problem with the Plug another appliance into the
outlet. outlet to check if it is working.
The door is not closed Close the oven door securely.
Start Button was not Press Start Button.
pressed after programming.
Another program is already Press Stop/Reset Button to
entered into the oven. cancel the previous program and
enter new program.
The program is not correct. Program again according to the
Operating Instructions.
Stop/Reset Button has Program oven again.
been pressed accidentally.
The Glass Tray is not Take out Glass Tray and Roller
positioned properly on the Ring. Wipe with a damp cloth and
Roller Ring or there is food reset Roller Ring and Glass Tray
under the Roller Ring. properly.
The Roller Ring and oven Clean these parts according to
bottom are dirty. Care and Cleaning of your
Microwave Oven (see page 24).
The CHILD LOCK was See Function Pad on page 11.
Oven will not turn on.
Oven will not start
The Glass Tray
When the oven is
operating, there is
noise coming from
the glass tray.
The word “LOCK”
appears in the
Display Window.
The oven unit power supply
source failed.
Please contact an authorised
Service Center (see page 26).
The oven stops cook-
ing and "H97" or
"H98" appears in the
display window.
Before Requesting Service
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