Microwave Shortcuts (continued)
(in mins.)
To cook baked Potato, Pierce each potato with a fork 6 times
(6 - 8 oz. each) spacing around surface. Place potato or
(170 - 225 g) potatoes around the edge of paper-towel-
1/2- 4 lined glass tray (Turntable), at least 1 inch
(2.5 cm) apart. Do not cover. Let stand 5
2 P8 6 - 7 minutes to complete cooking.
To steam Hand Towels - 4
P10 (HIGH) 20 - 30 sec. Soak in water, then wring out excess.
Place on a microwave safe dish.
Heat. Present immediately.
To soften Ice Cream, P3 (MED-LOW) 1 - 11/2Check often to prevent melting.
1/2gallon (2 L)
Cup of liquid
To boil water, broth, etc.
1 cup, 8 oz. (250 ml) P10 (HIGH) 11/2- 2 Heated liquids can erupt if not stirred.
2 cups, 16 oz. (500 ml)
P10 (HIGH) 21/2- 3 Do not heat liquids in microwave oven
without stirring before heating.
Cup of liquid
To warm Beverage,
1 cup, 8 oz. (250 ml) P7 (MED-HIGH) 11/2- 2
2 cups, 16 oz. (500 ml)
P7 (MED-HIGH) 21/2- 3
To roast Nuts, P10 (HIGH) 3 - 4 Spread nuts into a 9-inch (23 cm)
11/2cups (375 ml) microwave safe pie plate.
Stir occasionally.
To toast Sesame Seeds, P10 (HIGH) 2 - 21/2Place in a small microwave safe bowl.
1/4cup (60 ml) Stir twice.
To skin Tomatoes, P10 (HIGH) 30 sec. Place tomato into a microwave safe bowl
(one at a time) containing boiling water. Rinse and peel.
Repeat for each tomato.
To remove Cooking Odors,
P10 (HIGH) 5 Combine 1 to 11/2cups (250 - 375 ml)
water with the juice and peel of one lemon
in a 2 quart microwave safe bowl.
After water finishes boiling, wipe interior of
oven with a cloth.
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