Selecting Power
& Cook Time
1. For more than one stage cooking, repeat
steps 1 and 2 for each stage of cooking
before pressing Start Button. The maxi-
mum number of stages for cooking is 5.
When operating, two beeps will sound
between each stage. Five beeps will
sound at the end of the entire sequence.
2. When selecting P10 (HIGH) power for
the first stage, you may begin at step 2.
3. When selecting P10 (HIGH) power, the
maximum programmable time is 30 min-
utes. For other power levels, the maxi-
mum time is 99 minutes and 99 sec-
4. For reheating, use P10 (HIGH) for liq-
uids, P7 (MED-HIGH) for most foods and
P6 (MEDIUM) for dense foods.
5. For defrosting, use P3 (MED-LOW).
DO NOT OVER COOK. This oven requires
less time to cook than an older unit. Over
cooking will cause food to dry out and may
cause a fire. A microwave oven’s cooking
power tells you the amount of microwave
power available for cooking.
Example: To cook at P 6 (MEDIUM)
power for 1 minute 30 seconds
1. • Press Power Level
until the desired
power level appears
in the display window.
2. • Set Cooking Time
using number pads.
3. Press Start.
Cooking will start.
The time in the
display window will
count down.
Press 5 times.
3 times
4 times
5 times
6 times
7 times
8 times
9 times
10 times
Power Level
P10 (HIGH)
P1 (LOW)
Quick Min Feature
This feature allows you to set or add
cooking time in 1 minute increments up to
10 minutes.
To Set Cooking Time:
1. If desired, you can use other power
levels. Select desired power level
before setting cooking time.
2. After setting the time by Quick Min
Pad, you cannot use Number Pads.
3. Quick Min Pad can be used to add
more time during manual cooking.
1. • Press Quick Min until
the desired cooking
time (up to 10 min-
utes) appears in the
display window.
Power Level is pre-set
at P10.
2. • Press Start.
Cooking begins and the
time will count down. At
the end of cooking, 5
beeps sound.
Automatic features are provided for your
convenience. If results are not suitable to
your individual preference or if serving size
is other than what is listed on page 17,
please refer to manual cooking.
Keep Warm Feature
This feature will keep food warm for up to
30 minutes after cooking.
Example: To keep 2 cups of gravy warm
for 10 minutes
1. • Press Keep Warm.
2. • Set warming time
using number pads,
up to 30 minutes.
3. Press Start.
Keep Warm will
start. The time in
the display window
will count down.
Keep Warm can be programmed as the
final stage after cook time/s have been
manually entered. It cannot be used in
combination with sensor or auto features.
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