Control Panel
Beep Sound:
When a pad is pressed correctly, a beep will be heard.
If a pad is pressed and no beep is heard, the unit did not or cannot accept the instruction.
When operating, the oven will beep twice between programmed stages. At the end of any
complete program, the oven will beep 5 times.
If no operation after cooking program setting, 6 minutes later, the oven will automatically
cancel the cooking program. The display will return to clock or colon display.
Power Level
Sensor Reheat Button
(page 16)
Popcorn Button
(page 13)
Timer Pad
(page 19)
Quick Min Pad
(page 12)
Power Level Pad
(page 12)
Stop/Reset Button
Number Pads
Sensor Cook Button
(page 16)
Keep Warm Pad
(page 12)
More/Less Pad
(page 13)
Function Pad
(page 10)
Clock Pad
(page 10)
Inverter Turbo Defrost
Pad (page 14)
Display Window
Step by step
instructions scroll
for easy operation.
Start Button
Before cooking: One tap
clears all your instructions.
During cooking: One tap
temporarily stops the cooking
process. Another tap cancels
all your instructions, and time
of day or colon appears in the
Display Window.
After cooking program setting,
one tap allows oven to begin
functioning. If door is opened
or Stop/Reset Button is
pressed once during oven
operation, Start Button must
be pressed again to restart
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