Supported clients running Wyse Enhanced Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7P provide access to
applications, files, and network resources within Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Dell vWorkspace
environments, and other leading infrastructures. The mobile thin client contains a full featured Internet
Explorer browser and thin client emulation software called Ericom — PowerTerm Session Manager.
Other locally installed software permits remote administration of the mobile thin clients and provides
local maintenance functions. Additional add-ons are available that support a wide range of specialty
peripherals and features for environments that needs a secure Windows user interface with 32–bit and
64–bit Windows compatibility.
Your thin client supports Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 or later versions. For
more information about Silverlight and Framework, go to www.microsoft.com.
About this Guide
This guide is intended for administrators of Dell Wyse mobile thin clients running Dell Wyse Enhanced
Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7P. It provides information and detailed system configurations to
help you design and manage a WES7P client environment. Depending on your hardware and software
configurations, the figures you see may be different than the example figures shown in this guide.
This guide supplements the standard Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 documentation supplied
by Microsoft Corporation. It explains the differences, enhancements, and additional features provided by
Dell with the thin client. It does not attempt to describe the standard features found in Microsoft
Windows Embedded Standard 7.
Windows Embedded Standard 7 help can be accessed from the Microsoft Help and Support website at
www.support.microsoft.com/default.aspx .
Supported Products
This guide is intended for the following products:
Dell Latitude 3460 Wyse TC
Dell Latitude E7270 Wyse TC
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