55 Parameter Request List. Sent by thin client.
57 Maximum DHCP Message Size. Optional. Always sent by thin
58 T1 (renew) Time. Required.
59 T2 (rebind) Time. Required.
61 Client identifier. Always sent.
161 File server list. Optional string. Can be either
the name or the IP address of the
File server where the updated
thin client image is stored. If a
name is given, the name must be
resolvable by the DNS server(s)
specified in Option 6. If the
option provided by the server is
blank or the server provides no
value for the field, the machine
on which the DHCP server
resides is assumed to also be the
file server.
162 Root path to the file server.
Optional string.
163 SNMP Trap server IP Address list. Optional.
164 SNMP Set Community. Optional.
165 RDP startup published
166 Ericom - PowerTerm Session
Manager Mode.
167 Ericom - PowerTerm Session
Manager ID.
168 Name of the server for the virtual
184 Server Username. Optional string. This is the
username to use when
authenticating to the server
specified in Option 195.
185 Server Password. Optional string. Password to use
when authenticating to the
server specified in Option 195. If
the server allows Anonymous log
in, you can leave this option
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