Imaging Devices with the Dell Wyse USB Firmware Tool
The USB Firmware Tool provides a simple USB imaging solution to help IT and Customer Service staff
quickly and easily image supported devices.
Using the tool’s flexible windows utility, users can easily:
Configure a USB key to copy or pull firmware from a source device. you can later push to other target
Configure a USB key to update or push firmware that you include on the USB key to target devices to
upgrade firmware.
Configure a USB key to reimage the hardware that you include on the USB key to target devices to
upgrade firmware.
Create replicate or duplicate USB keys containing the original contents for simultaneous usage on
target devices by users in several locations at the same time.
Configuring and Using Peripherals
The thin client has many ports available on it such as:
LTE(4G), HDMI, SDCard, MiniDP, USB port, and Smartcard are available only for Dell Latitude E7270
wyse thin client.
Serial port, SDCard, HDMI, USB Port, and VGA port are available only for Dell Latitude 3460 wyse thin
To provide the services through the ports, install the appropriate software for the thin client.
You can install other services and add-ins that are available from the Dell website for free or for
a licensing fee.
For more information, see the Dell Wyse Support Site.
You can configure the thin client device to use Bluetooth- enabled Peripherals. For more
information, see Device Manager: Bluetooth Wirless Connections
TightVNC (Server)
To configure or reset a thin client from a remote location, use TightVNC (Server and Viewer). TightVNC is
primarily intended for support and troubleshooting purposes.
Install TightVNC locally on the thin client. After installation, it allows the thin client to be shadowed,
operated and monitored from a remote device.
TightVNC Server starts automatically as a service upon thin client startup. The initialization of TightVNC
Server can also be controlled by using the Services window by this procedure:
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