User Accounts
To manage users and groups, go to Start Control Panel User Accounts.
The following tasks can be performed in the User Accounts window:
Change your password
Remove your password
Change your picture.
For more information, refer Managing Users and Groups with User Accounts.
Dell Wyse Device Agent (WDA) is a unified agent for all thin client management solutions. Installing the
WDA on a thin client makes it manageable by Dell Wyse Device Manager (WDM). WDA UI enables user to
configure WDM Server. Client can be connected to WDM Server by selecting WDM option from UI and
providing mandatory values such as,valid WDM server IP, Port. Use the following guidelines to configure
the Dell Wyse Device Manager (WDM) settings:
1. Log in as an Administrator.
2. Double-click WDA icon in the system tray of the taskbar.
WDA dialog box is displayed.
3. Click Registration tab on the left corner of the dialog box to register the device.
Device registration screen is displayed.
4. For Automatic setting of the management server, Select Auto discovery from the drop down list.
NOTE: Auto-discover searches for the available management server and automatically registers
the device.
5. For WDM configure, Select Wyse Device Manager (WDM) from the drop down list.
a. Configure the Server settings:
Type the IP Address, or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the WDM server.
Click the ON/OFF button to enable the HTTP option. Enter the Port to use, the default port
value is 80
Click the ON/OFF button to enable the HTTPS option. Enter the Secure Port to use, the
default port value is 443. (Optional)
b. Configure the Discovery settings:
Click the ON/OFF button to Enable all discovery methods. If you want to enable all of the
following methods — they are used if they are configured. For more information on setting
up the discovery options, see WDM Installation Guide.
Click the ON/OFF button to enable the DNS Hostname. This allow devices to use the DNS
Hostname lookup method to discover a WDM Server.
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