Notable Administrator Features
This chapter explains the Dell Wyse features included in the Control Panel. To open Control Panel, click
StartControl Panel.
The following administrator features include:
Using Administrative Tools
Using TPM and BitLocker
Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Device Manager: Bluetooth Wirless Connections
Connecting to a Printer or an External Device
Display: Dual Monitor Display
Network and Sharing Center: Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Settings
Realtek HD Audio Manager
Region and Languages
Sounds and Audio Devices
User Accounts
Windows Defender
1. The User is allowed to configure some of the features such as Dual Monitor in the Display
settings. Only the Administrator can enable/disable the File Based Write Filter to configure the
thin clients and to persist after a thin client reboot.
2. Additional software features are available for the download. For more information, refer release
notes of the latest build and contact Technical Support.
Using Administrative Tools
To access the Administrative Tools window, click Start Control Panel Administrative Tools
You can use the Administrative Tools window to perform the following tasks:
Configuring the Component Services
Viewing the Events
Managing the Services
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