NOTE: The default RAMDisk size may vary depending on the thin client and size of the installed
memory. The minimum RAMDisk size can be set is 2 MB. The maximum RAMDisk size can be set is
1024 MB. Usually, the default value is set to 512 MB.
Dell Wyse Auto Logon
By default, Automatic logon to a user desktop is enabled. Auto login changes can be made in the Auto
Logon Settings window. To open Auto Logon Settings window, go to Start Dell Thin Client
Application Auto Logon
The following changes can be made in the Auto Logon window:
To enable or disable Auto Logon
To change the Default User Name
To change the Default Domain
To change the Default Password
CAD Tool
The CAD Tool allows administrators to map the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination of VDI applications to
display the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen of the VDI application. You should use the following key combinations to
display the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen of the respective VDI application:
Citrix: Ctrl+F1
Dell vWorkspace: Ctrl+Alt+End
RDP: Ctrl+Alt+End
• VMView: Ctrl+Alt+Insert
Using the Citrix Receiver
Use the Citrix Receiver window to access your hosted applications from your desktop or a Web interface.
To open the Citrix Receiver window, perform either of the ways mentioned here:
On the Thin Client Administrator desktop, double-click the Citrix Receiver icon.
Click the Start button on the taskbar, click All Programs, and then click Citrix Receiver on the
Programs Menu.
For information about configuring the citrix receiver, go to www.citrix.com, and then refer to Citrix
Using the Ericom-PowerTerm Terminal Emulation
The following two options are available under the Ericom-PowerTerm Terminal Emulation to configure
and manage your connections.
PowerTerm Session Manager
PowerTerm Terminal Emulation
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