Copyrights/Patents — Displays copyrights and patents information.
You can view the tabs such as Custom Fields, RAM disk, Auto Logon, CAD Map, System Shortcuts, and
About and Support. In the About and Support tab, you can view the information related to the
Application Version, Support Directory, Export support data and HTML view.
NOTE: The information shown in the dialog box varies for different thin client devices and software
When you log in as a user, only few tabs such as Client Information, QFE, Installed Products, WDM
Packages, Copyrights/Patents and About and Support are displayed.
Dell Wyse Custom Fields
To enter the configuration strings used by the WDM Software, use the Dell Wyse Custom Field dialog
box. The configuration strings gives you the information regarding the location, user, administrator, and
so on.
Click OK to copy the custom field information that is entered to the Windows Registry.
To permanently save the information, be sure to clear the files of the File Based Write Filter
cache during the system session in which the registry entries are made or changed. For more
information, seeBefore Configuring Your Thin Clients .
For more information on using WDM for remote administration and upgrading thin client
software, see Using WDM Software for Remote Administration.
For details on using Custom Field information, see the WDM documentation.
Dell Wyse RAMDisk
RAMDisk is volatile memory space used for temporary data storage. It is the Z drive shown in the My
Computer console. It can also be used for temporary storage of other data according to administrator
discretion. For more information, see Saving Files and Using Local Drives.
The following items are stored on RAMDisk:
Browser Web page cache
Browser history
Browser cookies
Browser cache
Temporary Internet files
Print spooling
User/system temporary files
To configure the RAMDisk size, go to Start Dell Thin Client ApplicationRAMDisk. After the changes
made in the size of the RAMDisk, restart the thin client for the changes to be saved. To permanently save
the changes, make sure the files of the File Based Filter cache have been cleared during the recent
system session before the thin client reboot. For more information, see Before Configuring Your Thin
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