Notable User Features
When you log in to your thin client as a User, the Windows desktop displays certain notable extended
features in the Programs menu.
You can perform the following activities:
To browse the internet, use Internet Explore; Using the Internet Explorer.
View Dell Thin Client Application; see Using the Dell Thin Client Application.
Configure Citrix Receiver session services; see Using the Citrix Receiver.
Ericom — PowerTerm Session Manager, see Using the Ericom PowerTerm Terminal Emulation.
Remote Desktop Connections, see Configuring a Remote Desktop Connection Session Services.
To connect to a virtual desktop, use VMware Horizon Client; see Using the VMware Horizon Client.
To configure vWorkspace connections; see Configuring a Vworkspace Connection.
Using the Internet Explorer
Use Microsoft Internet Explorer (64-bit) for your browser needs. To open the Internet Explorer, perform
either of the ways mentioned here:
Click the Internet Explorer Quick Launch icon on the taskbar in the Thin Client Administrator desktop.
Click the Start button on the taskbar, click All Programs, and then click Internet Explorer on the
Programs Menu.
NOTE: The Internet Explorer has internet option settings that are preselected at the factory to limit
writing to flash memory. These settings prevent exhaustion of the limited amount of flash memory
available and you should not modified the settings. If you require more browser resources, you can
access another browser through an ICA, RDP, VMware, or Dell vWorkspace session.
Using the Dell Thin Client Application
Use the Dell Thin Client Application to view the general information about the thin client device, System
Shortcuts, Custom fields, RAM Disk, Auto Logon, CAD Map Tool and Support information.
To access the Dell Thin Client Application page:
Admin— On the Admin desktop, click Start menu Dell Thin Client Application to open the page.
User— On the User desktop, click Start menu Programs Dell Thin Client Application to access
the page. .
In the left pane Dell Thin Client Application page, click the following tabs:
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