Image package releases for Wyse 7040 thin client does not have BIOS updates bundled as part of the
package and will not be in ISO format that can be used directly to do remote boot using Intel AMT
technology. BIOS updates can be made available separately as WDM packages.
Accessing Thin Client BIOS Settings
While starting a thin client, a Dell logo is displayed for a short period.
1. During the start-up, press the F2 key.
The BIOS Settings dialog box is displayed.
2. When prompted, enter Fireport as the password.
3. Change the BIOS Settings as required.
For more information about BIOS update procedure, see BIOS and BIOS Settings Update Procedure
on WES7P for Dell Wyse 7040 Thin Client document.
Accessing Thin Client Boot Menu
While starting a thin client, a Dell logo is displayed for a short period.
1. During the start-up, press the F12 key. The Boot menu is displayed.
2. Select the desired option and press Enter.
Accessing Intel Management Engine BIOS
Extension(MEBx) settings
This setting is available only in clients ordered with Intel AMT support. During power up, when you press
Ctrl+P, the control passes to the Intel® Management Engine BIOS extension (MEBx) Main Menu. The
default username for accessing ME the admin and password is admin.
There are two ways to configure Intel AMT :
1. Automatically, using a configuration server.
2. Manually, using the MEBx menus on the platform.
Both the methods result in Enterprise mode, with all Intel AMT features available, including support for
TLS. For more information on Intel vPRO technology, see the below links:
SATA mode settings in BIOS
All thin clients shipped with Self Encrypting drives (SED) has SATA mode set to AHCI. and all the thin
clients shipped with standard drives has SATA mode set to RAID ON.
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