Host Name Calculation/Preservation
Host Name refers to the computer name of the client.
Implementation of Host Name Calculation on the Images: In this process, a host name is applied to
the client that follows the nomenclature, for example, WES0080648BFYB2, where 0080648BFYB2
represents the Primary MAC ID of the client. This process is performed to avoid the hostname
collisions between different clients.
This enforcement can be disabled using either of the following ways:
a. Creating a registry entry of type DWORD under HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control
\WNT, where Type: DWORD, Name: DisableHostNameCalc, and Value: 1.
b. While performing Custom Sysprep or Config Manager Sysprep, the scripts allow you to enable/
disable the Host Name Calculation enforcement. This is useful when you want to implement
your own nomenclature scheme for the clients.
If you want to enable the Host Name Calculation later, you can either change the registry value to 0
or an option will be available to change, whenever you run the scripts to perform either a Custom
Sysprep or Config Manger Sysprep.
In addition to the Host Name Calculation, the Host Name preservation is also supported. The host
name can be changed later even when the Host Name Calculation is enabled or disabled, and the
host name is stored across reboots, irrespective of Write Filter is enabled or disabled.
Host Name preservation across Imaging is supported.
To return to WES<MAC ID> again, you must set the Host Name as MINWITHNET and reboot the
system. However, the Host Name Calculation must be enabled.
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