NetXClean purges selected directories, files, and profiles. It uses a configuration file to determine which
directories and files to purge and what not to purge. To select different directories and files to purge, you
must select them in the configuration file.
NOTE: NetXClean purge selections are made by the manufacturer and should not be changed
without manufacturer supervision.
Regardless of the configuration file selections, NetXClean does not clean any of the following directories
or their parent directories:
Windows directory
Windows System subdirectory
Current directory in which the service is installed
NetXClean will not delete the following profiles:
• Administrator
All Users
Default User
The profile of the last user who logged on
Managing Users and Groups with User Accounts
Use the User Accounts window, click StartControl panelUser Accounts to create and manage
user accounts, create and manage groups, and configure advanced user profile properties. By default, a
new user is only a member of the Users group and is not locked down. As the administrator, you can
select the attributes and profile settings for users.
This section provides quick-start guidelines on:
Creating User Accounts.
Editing User Accounts.
Configuring User Profiles.
Tip: For detailed information on using the User Accounts window, click the help icon and examples
links provided throughout the wizards. For example, you can use the Windows Help and Support
window click the help icon in the User Accounts window to search for items such as user profiles
and user groups and obtain links to detailed steps on creating and managing these items.
Creating User Accounts
Only administrators can create new user accounts locally or remotely through VNC. However, due to
local flash/disk space constraints, the number of additional users on the thin client should be kept to a
1. Log in as an administrator.
2. On the Start menu, click Control Panel User Accounts..
3. On the User Accounts window, click Manage another account.
The Manage Accounts window is displayed.
4. Click Create a new user account.
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