Mapping Network Drives
Users and administrators can map network drives. However, to retain the mappings after the thin client is
restarted, complete the following:
1. Log in as an administrator.
2. On the Start menu, click Computer.
The Computer window is displayed.
3. Click the Computer button in the menu bar.
A ribbon with command buttons is displayed.
4. Click Map Network Drive button in the ribbon.
The Map Network Drive dialog box is displayed.
5. Select the drive letter from the Drive drop-down list, and type or browse for the folder you want to
connect to.
6. Select the Reconnect at logon check box.
7. Flush the files of the File Based Write Filter cache during the current system session.
Since a User log-on account cannot flush the files of the File Based Write Filter cache, the mappings
can be retained by logging off the user account (do not shut down or restart the system), logging
back on using an administrator account, and then flushing the files of the cache.
Tip: A remote home directory can also be assigned by using a user manager utility or by other
means known to an administrator.
Understanding the NetXClean Utility
NetXClean keeps extraneous information from being stored in flash memory. NetXClean clean-up is
triggered by either a service startup or a user log-off. It runs in the background and performs the clean-
up invisibly and no user input is necessary.
NetXClean prevents garbage files from building up and filling the free space in the flash for example, if a
flush of some files in the File Based Write Filter cache puts junk in flash directories that must be kept
clean. The NetXClean utility is particularly important when multiple users have log-on rights to a Thin
Client, as memory space can be quickly used by locally stored profiles and temporary caching of
NetXClean TweakUI functions includes clearing:
Run history at log-on
Document history at log-on
Find Files history at log-on
Find Computer history at log-on
Internet Explorer history at log-on
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Last User at log-on
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