For more information on Multi-Display, Multi-Touch and Dual-Monitor Supported thin-client devices,
refer http://www.dell.com/wyse/knowledgebase
Tip: While configuring Dual-Monitor settings, set the same screen resolution for both the monitors.
Network and Sharing Center
If Dell Wyse supported LAN hardware modules are installed on the thin client, clicking the Network and
Sharing Center icon in the Control Panel allows you to:
1. Manage the Network.
Add —Click Add to open and use the wizard to add a wireless network to edit an existing wireless
network, right-click it, and then select Properties to open and use the Network Properties dialog
Adapter Properties —Click Adapter Properties to open and use the properties dialog box for the
wireless adapter.
Profile Types —Click Profile Types to open and use a dialog box to the enable or disable the
ability to create Per User Profiles.
Network and Sharing Center - Click Network Sharing Center to return to the Network and
Sharing Center dialog box provides network settings, and gives access to network settings.
2. Change Adapter Settings click the Change Adapter Settings link:
Click Organize to open the list of options you can use to organize your network connections.
Select a connection to display the list of command buttons you can use to view the status,
connect to, enable, disable, diagnose, rename, and change the settings of the connection.
3. Change Advanced Sharing Settings (click the Change Advanced Sharing Settings link): Select the
network profile settings you want for each of your networks.
Setting the Region and Language
Use the Region and Language dialog box to select your keyboard language.
To open the Region and Language dialog box, on the Start menu, click Control Panel, and then click
Region and Language.
The following keyboard languages are supported:
NOTE: A language appropriate keyboard is required for any language other than English (US).
Arabic Dutch Italian (142) Spanish
Belgian Dutch English (UK) Latin American Spanish Variation
Belgian French English (US) (default) Norwegian Swedish
Brazilian (ABNT)+A34 Finnish Polish (214) Swiss French
Canadian Eng. (Multi) French Polish (Programmers) Swiss German
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