Citrix: Ctrl+F1
Dell vWorkspace: Ctrl+Alt+End
RDP: Ctrl+Alt+End
By default build contains CAD tool, but will be in disabled state.
To enable the CAD tool, do the following:
1. Login to system using Admin Account.
2. Disable the Write Filter.
3. Launch command prompt in elevated mode.
4. cd c:\windows\system32.
5. Run DWKBFilterMon.exe and reboot.
6. Enable the Write Filter.
Using Administrative Tools
To access the Administrative Tools window, click Start Control Panel Administrative Tools
You can use the Administrative Tools window to perform the following tasks:
Configuring the Component Services
Viewing the Events
Managing the Services
Dell Wyse System Shortcuts
This section provides the shortcut keys for the following Systems Applications:
Administrative Tools
All Control Panel Items
System Directory
Program Files
Temporary Folder
My Documents
Recent Accessed Files
Dell thin Client Application Folder
Application Data Folder
Configuring the Component Services
To access and configure the Component Services, Event Viewer and Local Services use the Component
Services console.
1. Log in as an administrator.
2. On the Start menu, click Control Panel Administrative Tools
3. From the Administrative Tools list, select Component Services.
4. In the Component Services console select Component Services, Event Viewer or Local Services from
the drop-down list to configure.
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