NOTE: The standard version (default) is used for a single monitor display, while the Span version can
be used when extending a single session to two monitors for dual-monitor capable thin clients. The
Span version can be used when extending a single session to two monitors for dual-monitor.
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client
Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) 6.3.9600 supporting RDP 8.1 protocol.
The following new features in the RDC 8.1 client updates are available, when you establish a RDC session
to Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2.
Support for faster reconnection times
: This update reduces the time that RDC 8.1 client takes to reconnect to a remote session compared
to the time that is taken by the RDC 8.0 client and earlier versions of the client. The actual time that
the client takes to reconnect depends on the network and deployment configuration.
RemoteApp improvements:
a. Full support for transparent windows: Some applications, such as Microsoft Office 2013 draw
transparent windows or borders. RemoteApp programs that draw transparent windows or
borders are now displayed as same as local applications.
b. Moves and resizes of RemoteApp windows: These operations are more responsive, and appear
and behave like local applications. Specifically, the content in the application is displayed while
the application is moved.
c. Thumbnails, aero peek, and live taskbar: These features work the same in a RemoteApp program
as they work locally.
Dynamic monitor and resolution changes
Support for session shadowing
For more information, see www.support.microsoft.com/kb/2830477.
Using VMware Horizon Client
Use the VMware Horizon Client window to connect to a virtual desktop . To open the VMware Horizon
Client window, perform either of the ways mentioned here:
On the taskbar, click Start All Programs VMwareVMware Horizon Client.
Double-click the VMware Horizon Client icon on the desktop.
To use the VMware Horizon Client, follow the guidelines mentioned here:
1. To add a new server, click the New Server button or Double-click the Add Server icon in the upper-
left corner of the VMware Horizon Client window.
The VMware Horizon Client dialog box is displayed.
2. In the VMware Horizon Client dialog box, enter the host name or IP address of a View Connection
Server in the Connection Server box, and then click Connect.
3. Enter your credentials, and then click Login.
4. Select a desktop from the list, and then click Connect. VMware Horizon Client connects to the
selected desktop. After connection is established, you can view the client window.
For more information, go to www.vmware.com., and refer to VMware Horizon View Client
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