2Supported Devices
Wyse USB Firmware Tool supports the following Wyse cloud clients and other noted
devices running:
If your product is not listed, it is either new or it has reached the End-of-Life
phase and is no longer supported.
Windows CE (v5.x or v6.x):
CAUTION: For devices running Windows CE, only the Copy option (to pull a firmware
image from a source device and then push that image to a target device) and the
Replicate option (to duplicate an already configured USB key containing the contents
you want from a source device) are supported (the Update option is not supported).
·V30LE (part numbers 902179-xxL and 902180-xxL)
Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (build 641 or later):
Windows Embedded Standard 7:
Windows XP Embedded (build 587 or later):
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