16 Chapter 5
8. Click Browse.
Figure 9 Browse to select image file
9. Navigate to the folder on your hard drive (this is the location you selected in "STEP 1:
Ready the Firmware Image to Your Local Hard Drive"), click on the image file to select
it (you may need to select the All Files option from the Files of Type box to display the
image file for selection), and then click Open.
Supported image files include .rsp, .i2d, and .xml.
10.In the browse dialog box, click Next to open the Prepare the USB Drive dialog box.
Figure 10 Prepare USB key for configuration
11. Select the USB key onto which you want the configurations (you can use Refresh as
needed to recognize an inserted USB key), and then click Next. The progress bars
show the overall (formatting and configuration) progress and task progress.
12.After configuration, click Finish to close the wizard and then remove the configured
USB key for use (you will use the configured USB key on target devices).
At this time you can also replicate/duplicate the configured USB key
(containing the firmware you want to push) for simultaneous usage on target
devices (by users in several locations at the same time). See "How to
Replicate Configured USB Keys."
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