How to Update/Push Firmware 15
3. Select the Configure the USB key to Copy/Pull or to Update/Push firmware option,
and then click Next to open the Select the Configuration dialog box.
Figure 7 Update firmware options - Windows Embedded Standard 7 example
4. Select the operating system option you want and select Update or Push Firmware
(IMPORTANT: This option is not supported for devices running Windows CE).
5. Select as many of the following contents options that you want (it is recommended that
you use both BIOS and CMOS together, unless you are sure of the BIOS version and
want to only use CMOS):
OS Image - Configures the USB key to update only the OS image
BIOS - Configures the USB key to update only the BIOS image
CMOS - Configures the USB key to update only the CMOS image
6. (Optional) Leave the default-selected Preserve data partition check box
(recommended in most cases) unless you do not want to preserve any existing custom
data partition you have on the thin client (outside of the partition used by the firmware).
This option is only available for use with thin clients using multiple data
partitions totalling 4 GB or larger, allowing you to remove the partition used
for custom data that is not write filter protected (this is the custom data
partition outside of the partition used for write filter protected firmware).
7. Click Next to open the browse dialog box.
Figure 8 Browse for image file
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