How to Copy/Pull and Push Firmware 9
Figure 3 Copy firmware options - Windows Embedded Standard 7 example
4. Select the operating system option you want and select Copy or Pull Firmware.
5. Select as many of the following contents options that you want (it is recommended that
you use both BIOS and CMOS together, unless you are sure of the BIOS version and
want to only use CMOS):
OS Image - Configures the USB key to copy only the OS image
BIOS - Configures the USB key to copy only the BIOS image
CMOS - Configures the USB key to copy only the CMOS image
For Z90DW, Z90SW, Z90D7 and Z90S7 devices, CMOS only pull is not
supported; CMOS data is part of the BIOS. CMOS cannot be pulled
independently; both the CMOS and BIOS must be pulled together (CMOS is
pulled as a component of the BIOS). If you attempt to pull CMOS only, an
error message will display.
6. (Optional) Select the Compress Image option to reduce a larger image size to fit on
the USB key. The compressed image will auto expand when pushed to the device.
7. Click Next to open the Prepare the USB Drive dialog box.
Figure 4 Prepare USB key for configuration
8. Select the USB key onto which you want the configurations (you can use Refresh as
needed to recognize an inserted USB key), and then click Next. The progress bars
show the overall (formatting and configuration) progress and task progress.
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