8Chapter 4
STEP 1: Use Wyse USB Firmware Tool to Configure a Single USB Key that will Pull and
Push Firmware
Complete the configuration procedures as an administrator. For Windows 7
Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate, right-click on Wyse USB Firmware
Tool.exe and select the Run as administrator option.
1. Double-click the shortcut on the desktop for the Wyse USB Firmware Tool.exe file to
run the tool and open the Wyse USB Firmware Tool wizard (the welcome page
provides the product version and description, and a link to view the Wyse end user
license agreement).
Figure 1 Wyse USB Firmware Tool wizard
2. Click Next to open the Select an Option dialog box.
Figure 2 Configuration options
3. Select the Configure the USB key to Copy/Pull or to Update/Push firmware option,
and then click Next to open the Select the Configuration dialog box.
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