4How to Copy/Pull and Push
In this chapter you will:
1. Configure a USB Key - Configure a USB key (that will copy/pull firmware from a
source device and then push that copied firmware to other target devices).
2. Use the Configured USB Key to Copy/Pull Firmware - Use the configured USB key
for a one-time firmware copy/pull (you will boot from it on a pre-configured source
device to pull the firmware).
3. Use the Configured USB Key to Push Firmware - Use that same configured USB
key to push the firmware onto as many target devices that you want (you will boot from
it on other same model and flash size target devices).
Non-PXE Images - When a Non-PXE image is used to image, the thin client flash size
must be greater than the image size (for example, if a 512 MB image is converted to a
Non-PXE Image, then the thin client flash size must be 1 GB to accommodate the boot
USB Key Size - Must be greater than the flash size you are pulling; unless you use the
compress feature of the tool to fit your flash contents - be aware that compression can
take a significant amount of time depending on the size of your flash contents (USB
key size up to 16 GB has been tested—see "USB Keys - Troubleshooting Boot
USB Key is Reformatted - During the USB key configuration process, the USB key
will be reformatted.
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