Summary of Revisions vii
1 Introduction 1
About this Guide 1
Organization of this Guide 1
Wyse Technical Support 2
Related Documentation and Services 2
Wyse Online Community 2
2 Establishing a Server Environment 3
Setting Up Access to Enterprise Servers 3
Understanding How to Configure Your Network Services 5
DHCP and FTP Servers Available 6
FTP Server Available (DHCP Server Unavailable) 7
DHCP and Virtual Desktop Servers Available 8
Virtual Desktop Server Available (DHCP Server Unavailable) 9
FTP and Virtual Desktop Servers Unavailable (Stand-alone User or PNAgent/
PNLite-only User) 10
Configuring Network Services 10
Configuring FTP Servers 11
Configuring Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Servers 14
Configuring XenDesktop Support 14
Configuring DHCP 14
Configuring DNS 19
Configuring WINS 19
Configuring Wyse Device Manager Servers 19
Configuring Wireless Access 19
Configuring for Transport Layer Security (TLS) Connections Over a LAN 20
Configuring Session Services 21
About Wyse TCX Software 22
About Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator Software 22
Configuring ICA Session Services 23
PNAgent/PNLite Installation Guidelines 23
Configuring RDP Session Services 24
3 Remote System Administration 25
Using Wyse Device Manager Software For Remote Administration 25
Updating Software 25
Managing Icons and Logos 27
Understanding and Using System Lockdown Operations 27
Configuring Virtual Access Suite Support 28
Installing the VAS Hotfix 28
Enabling HTTP and HTTPS Support on the Connection Brokers (VAS Support) 29
Installing Connection Broker Web Server Certificates (VAS Support) 29
Configuring the Connection Broker HTTP and HTTPS Ports (VAS Support) 29
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