28 Chapter 3
Configuring Virtual Access Suite Support
This section explains how to support the Wyse ThinOS with Provision Networks Virtual
Access Suite (VAS). To support Wyse ThinOS with VAS, you must do the following:
Download Wyse ThinOS firmware version 5.3.0_14 or later and store it on all
Connection Brokers under the WNOS directory (see “Updating the Wyse ThinOS
Firmware (VAS Support)” ).
Download hotfix 5 for VAS 5.8 (Release 8) from the Provision Networks Web site and
install the hotfix on all Connection Brokers.
Installing the VAS Hotfix
Hotfix 5 for VAS 5.8 (Release 8) includes: PNCONSOLE.EXE (,
PNBRKSVC.EXE (, and sample INI files. After you download and install the
hotfix, set the DHCP server option tags 161 and 188 to the IP address(es) of the
Connection Broker(s) using the following syntax (see "Configuring DHCP"):
protocol: http or https. This parameter is optional. If omitted, http is automatically
iplist: The list of IP addresses corresponding to the Connection Brokers. The specified
IP addresses must be separated by commas or semicolons.
port: The TCP port that the Connection Broker(s) is/are configured to listen on. This
parameter is optional. If omitted, ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) are automatically used.
Option tag 161 is used to specify the servers from which the Wyse ThinOS
firmware updates can be downloaded to the thin client, while option tag 188
is used to specify VDI brokers. Because the VAS Connection Brokers are
capable of fulfilling both functions, option tags 161 and 188 may be
configured identically.
On each Connection Broker, the hotfix creates a directory named WYSE under the VAS
installation directory, a directory named WNOS under the WYSE directory, and two
directories named bitmap and ini under the WNOS directory., as follows:
C:\Program Files\Provision Networks\WYSE
C:\Program Files\Provision Networks\WYSE\WNOS
C:\Program Files\Provision Networks\WYSE\WNOS\bitmap
C:\Program Files\Provision Networks\WYSE\WNOS\ini
The bitmap directory is used to store optional bitmap files (such as a corporate logo to be
displayed on the thin client desktop) referenced in a wnos.ini file.
The wnos.ini file in the WNOS directory contains various WYSE commands and
parameters. It is sent from the Connection Broker to the thin client upon boot-up. For
detailed information on wnos.ini files, refer to the Reference Guide: Wyse ThinOSTM INI
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