3Remote System Administration
This chapter provides remote system administration information to help you perform the
routine tasks needed to maintain your Wyse ThinOS environment. It includes the following
remote system administration information:
"Using Wyse Device Manager Software For Remote Administration"
"Updating Software"
"Managing Icons and Logos"
"Understanding and Using System Lockdown Operations"
"Configuring Virtual Access Suite Support"
Using Wyse Device Manager Software For Remote Administration
Wyse Device ManagerTM (WDM) servers provide network management services to the
thin client (complete user-desktop control—with features such as remote shadow, reboot,
shutdown, boot, rename, automatic device check-in support, Wake-On-LAN, change
device properties, and so on).
Ordering information for WDM is available on the Wyse Web site at:
Updating Software
The software version is embedded in both the RAM and flash memory images. This
version information is used to compare the images on the FTP server to the
currently-loaded flash image on the thin client. A major revision number supersedes a
minor revision number when making the comparison. In turn the minor version number
takes precedence over the build number. The image names and date-time stamps
determine whether or not the update is newer than the version currently installed on the
thin client.
The code identifier is split into 4 parts, the major release identifier, the minor
release identifier, the build number identifier, and the sub-build number
identifier (if the sub-build number is 0, it will not be displayed). Each part is
compared against the current code internal identifier in the same format. If
the file identifier is greater, the update is performed. If the file identifier is less,
the update is abandoned. If the file identifier is equal, the next term is
examined until the build identifiers are found to be equal and the update is
abandoned. This comparison process using the build number can be
important in cases where you are using a beta release, or in cases where
you need to reinstall a release with the same major and minor numbers but
with an updated build.
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