24 Chapter 2
Configuring RDP Session Services
Before you use the information in this section to configure your RDP session services, be
sure you have read "Configuring Session Services."
RDP session services can be made available on the network using any of the following:
Windows 2000, 2003, or 2008 Server with Terminal Services installed
Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Services (WTS) Edition
Windows XP
When using the instructions accompanying these products to install them and make
sessions and applications available to the thin clients sharing the server environment, be
aware of the following:
If a Windows 2000, 2003, or 2008 Server is used, a Terminal Services Client Access
License (TSCAL) server must also reside somewhere accessible on the network. The
server will grant a temporary (90-day) license on an individual device basis. Beyond
the temporary (90-day) license, you must purchase TSCALs and install them on the
TSCAL server (you will not be able to make a connection without a temporary or
permanent license).
It is recommended that any RDP connection which traverses a Dial-up or WAN
connection have Lowband=yes set in the INI files or the Optimize for low speed link
option selected in the Connection Settings (RDP) dialog box.
If an RDP connection is created using the Connect Manager and the Host Names or
Application Name text box is left blank, a message appears prompting the user to
enter the IP Address or Server Name of the RDP server to which to connect.
Wyse ThinOS version 4.2 and later supports an RDP connection with no encryption
(found in older versions of Microsoft NT4-TSE servers).
Wyse ThinOS version 4.2 and later supports server browsing over Server Message
Block (SMB) when defining an RDP connection. SMB browsing restrictions mean that
the server desired may not be listed, in which case the user will need to know either the
name or IP address of the target server and enter that information into the text box (as
it will not appear in the pull-down list).
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