Establishing a Server Environment 7
If session connections or published applications are designated to open
automatically on start-up, upon accessing the enterprise server environment
you will see a session server log-in or server application window instead of
the thin client desktop. Use CTRL+ALT+UPARROW to toggle between
window display modes. Use CTRL+ALT+DOWNARROW to open a selection
box for toggling between the desktop, the Connect Manager, and
currently-active connections.
If the thin client accesses the enterprise server environment through a manually initiated
Dial-up, PPPoE, and/or PPTP VPN, the automation provided by a DHCP server is not
available. In such cases, refer to "FTP Server Available (DHCP Server Unavailable)" and
"FTP and Virtual Desktop Servers Unavailable (Stand-alone User or PNAgent/PNLite-only
User)" for configuration information.
If Dial-up, PPPoE, and/or PPTP VPN are automatically started, FTP server
services can be accessed through these connections.
FTP Server Available (DHCP Server Unavailable)
In an environment where a DHCP server is not available but an FTP server is available,
the thin client user must locally enter (using the Network Setup dialog box) network
information that would otherwise be supplied by the DHCP server.
If the thin client is configured for DHCP (new-thin client or reset thin client to default
configurations) but DHCP is not detected on the network, the Network Setup dialog box
automatically opens when the thin client is started. You can also open the Network Setup
dialog box manually by clicking on the desktop background, selecting System Setup from
the desktop menu, and then clicking Network. In the Network Setup dialog box, select
the Statically specified IP Address option and configure the dialog box for the following
information (any remaining information will be automatically populated from the INI files
when the FTP server is contacted):
Static IP address of the thin client
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
DNS Domain Name (not necessary if DNS is not used)
DNS Server Address (not necessary if DNS is not used)
File Server IP address or DNS name of the FTP server on which the INI files reside
and the FTP path on the server to /wnos.
PNAgent/PNLite Servers list (If PNAgent/PNLite is deployed on the network
environment, enter the IP address or Host name with optional TCP port number of one
or more PNAgent/PNLite servers that will provide published applications on the
Ethernet Speed
WINS Server Address (not necessary if WINS is not used)
Username and Password for login to the FTP server
Rapport Server Address (not necessary if Rapport server is not used)
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