Chapter 2: Setting up the hardware RT-N10E
Using QIS without auto-detection
To use QIS without auto-detection:
1. In your web browser, key in
2. Click QIS from the navigation menu. Select your connection type from these
types of ISP services: Automatic IP, PPPoE, Static IP, PPTP, and L2TP.
Select your next preferred task from any of these options:
1. Going to Internet
related activities such as chat, or read/write e-mail messages.
2. Advanced Setting page: Click to go to the wireless router’s
3. Add to Favorites: Click to add the router’s web interface to your
Important: Obtain the necessary information about your Internet connection type from your ISP.
Note: If you choose options 2 and 3, you will need to log into the web GUI. For more details,
refer to the section  in this user manual.
3. Click Next and key in the necessary information for your ISP connection type.
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