4-11 Chapter4:GeneralInstruction
4.4 Supported Timing List
VESA / IBM Modes Support Timing (D-SUB, DVI-D inputs)
Resolution Refresh Rate Horizontal Frequency
640x350 70Hz 31.469KHz
640x480 60Hz 31.469KHz
640x480 67Hz 35KHz
640x480 72Hz 37.861KHz
640x480 75Hz 37.5KHz
720x400 70Hz 31.469KHz
800x600 56Hz 35.156KHz
800x600 60Hz 37.879KHz
800x600 72Hz 48.077KHz
800x600 75Hz 46.875KHz
832x624 75Hz 49.725KHz
1024x768 60Hz 48.363KHz
1024x768 70Hz 56.476KHz
1024x768 75Hz 60.023KHz
1366x768 60Hz 47.712KHz
HDMI 1.3,CEA-861B Formats, SD/HD Supported Primary
Timings of (HDMI input only)
Resolution Refresh Rate Horizontal Frequency
640x480P 59.94/60Hz 31.469/31.5KHz
720x480P 59.94/60Hz 31.469/31.5KHz
720x576P 50Hz 31.25KHz
1280x720P 50Hz 37.5KHz
1280x720P 59.94/60Hz 44.955/45KHz
* The modes not listed in the above tables may not be supported. For optimal resolution, we
recommend that you choose a mode listed in the above tables.
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