Xtreme FX
A Truly Massive Library of Sound Effects
Get lost in this 9.13 GB library including categories such
as atmospheres, scenes, electric disfunctions, generators,
overloads, sparks, impacts, metallic, musical, rhythmic, engine
and explosions, alien factory, mechanical, steam, blur, cyber
gun, geiger, hard short, hardwarfx, insectus, interference,
lower, metafx, pacvox, radio, sas, slicing, tek rumble, teleport,
trash, human textures, bad trip, sick mind, magical, mystical,
space storms, solar fires, space winds, space water, lost
souls, apparitions, unknown presence, cyber buttons, cyber
computers, radio buzz, small electronics, musical bells,
single bells, weird bells, unreal drums, cartoonesk, gaming,
whoosh, aliens, aliens race, beasts, cyber birds, cyber insects,
gnomes and bugs, funny, mad machines, doors and sas,
emergency and alarms, horror, lasers and guns, slow motion,
special guns, robots, scifi drones, mystic and vox, organic,
spheroid, synthetic, watermatic, slow motion space,
cyber planes, flying saucers, sirius agitation, ufo landing,
weird vehicles, zombies, drone machinery, mystical,
steady textures, sub natural, and many, many more.
Minimum System Requirements
UVI Workstation 2.5.12+ or Falcon 1.0+
9.2GB of disk space
For more information on the installation process, please refer to
the document: Soundbank Installation Guide
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