Form No F071106B 7 Part No 840186
MV650H PUSH Vacuum Owner’s Manual
objects. Note: See parts list for proper impeller bolt torque specifications. (See trouble shooting section on page
The labels shown below were installed on your BILLY GOAT ® MV Vacuum. If any labels are damaged or
missing, replace them before operating this equipment. Item numbers from the Illustrated Parts List and part
numbers are provided for convenience in ordering replacement labels. The correct position for each label may
be determined by referring to the Figure and Item numbers shown.
PN 400268
(See Figure 3 Item 55)
PN 890254
(See Figure 4 Item 162)
PN 840054
(See Figure 1 Item 34)
PN 400424
(See Figure 1 Item 11)
PN 810736
(See Figure 4 Item 174)
PN 890301
(See Figure 4 Item 163)
PN 840080
(See Figure 4 Item 175)
PN 840045
(See Figure 3 Item 57)
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