VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router
Chapter 4: Configuration
AES: Stands for Advanced Encryption Standards, you can use 128, 192 or 256 bits as
encryption method.
Diffie-Hellman Group: It is a public-key cryptography protocol that allows two parties to establish a
shared secret over an unsecured communication channel (i.e. over the Internet). There are three modes,
MODP 768-bit, MODP 1024-bit and MODP 1536-bit. MODP stands for Modular Exponentiation Groups.
Local ID:
Type: Specify local ID type.
Content: Input ID’s information, like domain name www.ipsectest.com.
Remote ID:
Type: Specify Remote ID type.
Identifier: Input remote ID’s information, like domain name www.ipsectest.com.
SA Lifetime: Specify the number of minutes that a Security Association (SA) will stay active before new
encryption and authentication key will be exchanged. There are two kinds of SAs, IKE and IPSec. IKE
negotiates and establishes SA on behalf of IPSec, an IKE SA is used by IKE.
Phase 1 (IKE): To issue an initial connection request for a new VPN tunnel. The range can be
from 5 to 15,000 minutes, and the default is 480 minutes.
Phase 2 (IPSec): To negotiate and establish secure authentication. The range can be from 5 to
15,000 minutes, and the default is 60 minutes.
A short SA time increases security by forcing the two parties to update the keys. However, every
time the VPN tunnel re-negotiates, access through the tunnel will be temporarily disconnected.
Ping to Keep Alive:
PING to the IP: It is able to IP Ping the remote PC with the specified IP address and alert when the
connection fails. Once alter message is received, Router will drop this tunnel connection. Re-establish
of this connection is required. Default setting is which disables the function.
Interval: This sets the time interval between Pings to the IP function to monitor the connection status.
Default interval setting is 10 seconds. Time interval can be set from 0 to 3600 second, 0 second
disables the function.
Ping to the IP Interval (sec) Ping to the IP Action 0 No 2000 No
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (A valid IP Address) 0 No
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(A valid IP Address) 2000 Yes, activate it in every 2000
Disconnection Time after no traffic: It is the NO Response time clock. When no traffic stage time is
beyond the Disconnection time set, Router will automatically halt the tunnel connection and re-establish it
base on the Reconnection Time set. 180 seconds is minimum time interval for this function.
Reconnection Time: It is the reconnecting time interval after NO TRAFFIC is initiated. 3 minutes is
minimum time interval for this function.
Select the Apply button to update the settings.
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