VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router
Chapter 4: Configuration
General Settings
You can choose not to enable Firewall and still able to access to URL Filter and IM/P2P Blocking or
enable the Firewall using preset filter rules and modify the port filter rules as required. The Packet Filter is
used to filter packets based-on Applications (Port) or IP addresses.
There are four options when you enable the Firewall, they are:
All blocked/User-defined: no pre-defined port or address filter rules by default, meaning that
all inbound (Internet to LAN) and outbound (LAN to Internet) packets will be blocked. Users have to
add their own filter rules for further access to the Internet.
High/Medium/Low security level: the predefined port filter rules for High, Medium and Low
security are displayed in Port Filters of Packet Filter.
Select either High, Medium or Low security level to enable the Firewall. The only difference between
these three security levels is the preset port filter rules in the Packet Filter. Firewall functionality is the
same for all levels; it is only the list of preset port filters that changes between each setting. For more
detailed on level of preset port filter information, refer to Table 1: Predefined Port Filter.
If you choose of the preset security levels and add custom filters, this level of filter rules will be saved
even and do not need to re-configure the rules again if you disable or switch to other firewall level.
The “Block WAN Request” is a stand-alone function and not relate to whether security enable or disable.
Mostly it is for preventing any scan tools from WAN site by hacker.
Any remote user who is attempting to perform this action may result in
blocking all the accesses to configure and manage of the device from the
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