VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router
Chapter 4: Configuration
User Management
In order to prevent unauthorized access to your router’s configuration interface, it requires all users to
login with a password. You can set up multiple user accounts, each with their own password.
You are able to Edit existing users and Create new users who are able to access the device’s
configuration interface. Once you have clicked on Edit, you are shown the following options:
You can change the user’s password, whether their account is active and valid, as well as add a
comment to each user account. These options are the same when creating a user account, with the
exception that once created you cannot change the username. You cannot delete the default admin
account; however, you can delete any other created accounts by clicking Delete when editing the user.
You are strongly advised to change the password on the default “admin” account when you receive your
router, and any time you reset your configuration to Factory Defaults.
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