VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router
Chapter 4: Configuration
Here are the items within the System section: Time Zone, Remote Access, Firmware Upgrade,
Backup/Restore, Restart and User Management.
Time Zone
The router does not have a real time clock on board; instead, it uses the Simple Network Time Protocol
(SNTP) to get the current time from an SNTP server outside your network. Choose your local time zone,
click Enable and click the Apply button. After a successful connection to the Internet, the router will
retrieve the correct local time from the SNTP server you have specified. If you prefer to specify an SNTP
server other than those in the list, simply enter its IP address as shown above. Your ISP may provide an
SNTP server for you to use.
Daylight Saving is also known as Summer Time Period. Many places in the world adapt it during
summer time to move one hour of daylight from morning to the evening in local standard time. Check
Automatic box to auto set your local time.
Resync Period (in minutes) is the periodic interval the router will wait before it re-synchronizes the
router’s time with that of the specified SNTP server. In order to avoid unnecessarily increasing the load
on your specified SNTP server you should keep the poll interval as high as possible – at the absolute
minimum every few hours or even days.
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