VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router
Chapter 4: Configuration 39
Port Setting
This section allows you to configure the settings for the router’s Ethernet ports to solve some of the
compatibility problems that may be encountered while connecting to the Internet, as well allowing users to
tweak the performance of their network.
Port # Connection Type: There are Six options to choose from: Auto, disable, 10M half-duplex, 10M
full-duplex, 100M half-duplex, 100M full-duplex and Disable. Sometimes, there are Ethernet compatibility
problems with legacy Ethernet devices, and you can configure different types to solve compatibility issues.
The default is Auto, which users should keep unless there are specific problems with PCs not being able
to access your LAN.
IPv4 TOS priority Control (Advanced users): TOS, Type of Services, is the 2nd octet of an IP packet.
Bits 6-7 of this octet are reserved and bit 0-5 are used to specify the priority of the packet.
This feature uses bits 0-5 to classify the packet’s priority. If the packet is high priority, it will flow first and
will not be constrained by the Rate Limit. Therefore, when this feature is enabled, the router’s Ethernet
switch will check the 2nd octet of each IP packet. If the value in the TOS field matches the checked values
in the table (0 to 63), this packet will be treated as high priority.
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