VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router
Chapter 4: Configuration 35
TX PowerLevel: It is function that enhances the wireless transmitting signal strength. User may
adjust this power level from minimum 0 up to maximum 255.
Note: The Power Level maybe different in each access network user premises environment and choose the most
suitable level for your network.
Connected: Representing in true or false. That it is the connection status between the system and the
build-in wireless card.
AP MAC Address: It is a unique hardware address of the Access Point.
AP Firmware Version: The Access Point firmware version.
Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
It is a wireless access point mode that enables wireless link and communication with other access point.
It is easy to be installed simply define peer’s MAC address of the connected AP. WDS takes advantages
of cost saving and flexibility which no extra wireless client device is required to bridge between two
access points and extending an existing wired or wireless infrastructure network to create a larger
In addition, WDS enhances its link connection security in WEP mode, WEP key encryption must be the
same for both access points.
WDS Service: The default setting is Disabled. Check Enable radio button to activate this function.
Peer WDS MAC Address: It is the associated AP’s MAC Address. It is important that your peer’s AP
must include your MAC address in order to acknowledge and communicate with each other.
Note: For MAC Address, Semicolon ( : ) must be included.
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